Monday, December 19, 2011

Christmas Cookie Baking Day

It's Christmas cookie baking day.
To make this week complete.
It is time to frost and decorate
Lord help me keep it sweet.
Time to bake the gingerbread
And sugar cookies too.
To wish sweet friends both far and near
A Christmas warm and true.
So God bless and keep each one of you.
God bless you every day.
May Christmas not come once a year
But always with you stay.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011


Lord I know You are coming.
I can feel You on Your way.
Quickly we are speeding
On to Christmas Day.
Lord heal my wounded heart,
Make it ready to greet You.
I am so sinful a person.
I simply have no clue.
I am not worthy,
To behold Your precious Face.
How thankful I am Your coming
Is an act of loving Grace.
Mold me Lord and make me,
Be what You see in me.
Precious Lord and Savior,
Who came to set us free.

Friday, December 9, 2011

Old Fashioned Christmas

Dear Father in Heaven,
I was thinking last night.
Remembering Christmases long ago.
Those presents and gifts
I just had to have
Don't even live on in my memory.
I remember more clearly
The love that we shared.
Me and my family.
I remember so clearly
The joy we once had
Dragging home a raggedy tree.
Dear Father in Heaven,
Give us all that gift
That lives on forever in our hearts.
Give us the joy
Of an old fashioned Christmas
The joy of the Babe
Born to set us free.
Give us that gift
Dearest Father above
Give us again the gift that is Love.
That is what Christmas means to me.

Monday, November 21, 2011


So much I have dearest Lord,
To thank You for each day.
So many blessings You have given
To me along life's way.
My family is healthy Lord,
My loved ones all are well.
You gave Your life to take us Home
And snatch our souls from Hell.
We have food on our table
And shelter from the storm.
We have everything we need Lord,
And Your Lord to keep us warm.
I thank You dearest Father,
For every wondrous thing.
When we bow our heads this Thursday
My thankful heart will sing;
Thank You dearest Savior.
I love You more than I can say.
God bless each friend and loved one
Now and this Thanksgiving day.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Cold As Ice

Have we grown so cold,
To callous to even feel,
Pain and human warmth?
Lord, this seems unreal.
Why are our hearts iced over?
Why does our blood run cold?
Why has the milk of kindness,
Been tossed out as if it is old?
Lord melt our frozen hearts.
Light Your fire within our core.
Lord give us Your loving Heart,
So that we can care once more.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Pegan Elizabeth

In two days I will remember
They day that you were born.
You went from my womb to Heaven.
Leaving me to morn.
Twenty years ago you came,
And simply could not stay.
So I gave you back to God,
On that painful October day.
I will never forget you.
My pearl of lovely worth.
You were born straight into Heaven,
On the day of your birth.
Pray for us dearest Pegan.
My angel waiting for me.
I know that you are waiting,
And one day you I will see.
Happy birthday baby,
My Pegan Elizabeth so dear.
Keep us all in your prayers,
As we struggle through down here.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Jesus Hears

Christ has seen you suffering.
Heard your anguished cries. Feels your every pain. Has been your companion in disguise. Never doubt He knows. Never are you alone. He is with you always. Until you journey home. Never fear your trials. Never despair in life. God is waiting for you. He walks with us in strife. He has seen you suffering. Hope and know help does await. Rest in the simple knowledge. We are living at Heaven's Gate.

Altar of Me

A mother's love is precious
Nothing of earth can compare.
To that precious unselfish love
Like a tender sweet gentle prayer.
A mother puts her child
Before her own desires and needs.
That child is her world.
As she tends, shelters, and feeds.
But sadly today many choose wrongly.
They call murder a choice.
They toss motherhood away like garbage
They refuse to hear their babes voice.
So sad the choice they make
They are stealing from their heart.
God forgive their foolish souls
They have torn their world apart.
God touch them please I beg You.
Open their eyes to see,
They are sacrificing babies,
On the altar of "Me."

Monday, September 26, 2011

Child Not Choice

You were a child
Not a choice,
Too small to count
Too soft a voice.
She would not listen
Did not know
The loss she chose
When she said no.
Forgive her please
Forgive us all.
Poor little child
So very small.
This is a child
Not a choice to make.
Lord forgive us all
For each life we take.


Autumn comes to visit
Soft as a whisper on the wind.
Quiet as a church mouse
Sits gently as a friend.
She brushes our foreheads gently
Like a mother does her child
Sweet scents accompany her
She comes so meek and mild.
Do not doubt her strength
Make no mistakes at all.
No one is as changeable
As she we call the fall.
But the beauty of the leaves
Pumpkins ripening in the field
Fill our souls with wonder
Like the scarecrows that we build.
Autumn is a changeling.
Don't think you have seen her all.
No season is so fickle
As the season we call fall.
One day she is gentle
Sweet breezes fill the air,
The next a thunderstorm
Catches us unaware.
Today you may be sweating
Tomorrow may see ice.
Autumn is so silly
She doesn't play quite nice.
But still we welcome autumn
Like an old friend that we know.
So welcome leaves of amber
And winds that hint of snow.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Mary Mother of Jesus

Mary, mother of Jesus,
Pray for each family here.
Bless and beg of our Lord,
For his love and care.
Mary you traveled this road
Baked bread for your family too.
Washed their clothes and dishes,
And loved your family true.
Bless each tired mother,
Teach them how to be,
Just as loving and serving,
As they serve their family.
Mary help us each,
To keep our families fed.
Bless us as we work,
And bake our daily bread.
Please hear our little prayer
Take them swiftly to your Son.
Mary mother of Jesus,
Make our hearts as one.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Mother dear
Oh hear our plea
Bless my family,
Friends, and me.
Beg our Lord,
To forgive our sin.
Please with God in Heaven,
To let us in.
Touch our hearts.
Mold our soul.
Bless us Mother
Of He who makes us whole.
I beg you watch over my friends
And all I love.
Watch them, bless them
From up above.


I offer my Rosary daily,
For all who need a prayer.
Touch each one dearest Mother,
And let them feel your care.
I thank you for each blessing,
Your Son has given me.
I ask you to hold in prayer,
Each friend here that you see.
Touch each soul with compassion,
Fill each soul with peace.
Grant each hurting heart,
Blessed sweet release.
Here each prayer we offer,
Dearest Mother we beg of thee.
Take each of our needs to Heaven,
So your Son will truly see.
We know He can't refuse you.
So please join in our prayer.
We thank you blessed Mother,
For your loving care.

Monday, September 5, 2011


Such an amazing thing is prayer.
What power to behold.
Seeming little empty words
He turns to purest gold.
They greatest thing we can off
To with another share
Is a heartfelt promise
To stop and kneel in prayer.
How amazing that God listens
To each of us when we pray.
How wonderful it is free for us
To offer every day.
I will say a prayer for you
Please pass this gift along.
God is an amazing Father,
And prayer is our sweetest song.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011


Hope is holding on when all seems lost.
Looking for light when only dark seems clear.
Hoping is loving even when love is hard,
And hanging on to all we hold dear.
Lord hold my hand and never permit
That I should fail to see my way.
Keep our feet on the path ahead
Even when we cannot see the day.
Hold each friend I hold in prayer.
Keep them close to the Mother's breast.
Lord I lift them each up to you.
Give them hope to stand the test.
Touch each grieving heart with love.
Rain compassion down to ease their pain.
Bring them safely to the light
And do not let their sufferings be in vain.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

I brought you home so long ago,
Wrapped in a blanket so blue.
Couldn't stop staring at that precious face,
And wondering what to do.
I blinked and you were cutting teeth,
And then you were on your way.
Could it really have been so many years?
It only seems a simple little day.
You learned to talk and run along.
I watched you grow amazed.
Now you stand so nearly grown and tall.
I am literally stunned and dazed.
You are growing into quite a man.
Someone I am proud to know.
But son you are always my child.
My arms ache for those days so.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Old Barn

An old barn sits silent
Deep in the wood.
Quietly watching time pass
As it should.
It knows a secret
...Few seem to know.
Time flies by
Even as days pass slow.
Silence is beauty
Age has its grace.
Life is still lived
At a much calmer pace.
Sit a while with me
Watch if you will
Learn from that barn
It can teach us still.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011


No matter what we think we see
Beauty remains with you and me.
The world is heavy yes it's true
But He will give strength to me and you.
Look around and take a chance
Hear the music and join the dance.
There is still beauty here on earth
God has not created us without mirth.
See the beauty in earth and skies
Listen to a newborn's cries.
Beauty remains forever real.
Beauty helps the soul to heal.
Look around and you will see
God has made much for you and me.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

For Caylee Anthony

Sweet little angel
Loaned for a while
Sweet little baby.
Left us with a smile
Precious and innocent
Stolen from life.
God bless and keep you
This hurts like a knife.
Pray for your mother
I just can't believe.
She did this to you,
And never did grieve.
Pray for us all.
We so need your prayer.
Sweet angel baby,
Waiting up there.

Precious Blood of Jesus

Precious Blood of Jesus.
Come down to feed my soul,
Sacred Blood of Christ,
You alone can make me whole.
Wondrous Blood still flowing,
From that sweet pierced sacred side,
Granting life to many
Who otherwise would have died.
Make my prayers earnest.
Make my spirit true.
So that one sweet day,
I may in person thank You.
Let me walk in earnest.
Let my life be sweet and true.
Let all I do be pleasing,
As I do it all for You.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Step along with me
Along a lovely way.
The sun is bright and lovely
The breeze blows soft today.
Close your eyes in peace
Say a prayer in your soul.
God is everywhere
Be still and simply know.
God loves you so dearly
Love Him back if you will.
See His love written clearly
In that Cross up on the hill.
God bless you and yours.
May joy fill you today.
As we walk along life's path.
Let laughter with us stay.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Kite In The Wind

Like a kite in the wind
I feel so tossed about today.
Lord please hold my string tightly
As I dance along and sway.
The wind is a bit less gentle
But I know You hold me strong.
I love you dearest Jesus
I trust in You is my song.
The sun is bright and warm,
The clouds soft and far away.
So hold my string dear Savior
On this windy sunny day.

Friday, June 17, 2011

For Father Corapi

Pray sweet dearest Mother
For a man dear to our heart.
Bring him back to us
Let the healing of this start.
He is yours dearest Mother
A priest vowed, tried, and true.
We lift him up in prayer.
You know what to do.
Touch his suffering soul.
Keep his faith true and strong.
You and God know his heart.
And how badly this is wrong.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011


Sweet are the moments
Precious, fresh and rare.
Fragile as a whisper
Life is hidden there.
Like a song sung softly
Melodic, slow and true.
Just when you start to sway
Life reaches out and grabs you.
Dance with the rhythm
Do not fight the beat.
Close your eyes and see only
With the vision of your feet.
Never doubt the outcome
Beauty gets his way.
Dance your heart out.
We only have today.

Friday, April 1, 2011

Spring Morning Prayer

I rise and thank You, God, today,
For all I possess and see.
What blessings You have given
What treasures bestowed on me.
Two lovely babies long ago
Now young men almost grown.
A house, a husband, a loving family.
And all the friends I have known.
What a pleasure it has been to serve
You now these forty-one years.
What amazing times of laughter
Have balanced out my tears.
And still I look ahead dear God
To many more sweet days of care.
So thank God for this spring day.
I just felt the need to share.
The sun will rise and shine today
Let me shine also for You.
For God, You are my Lord and King,
Let me stay true in all I do.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Supporting Father Corapi

Dearest Father are hearts are with you
We know truth will prevail
We stand by you in our prayers
God will not let you fail
Stand firm and stand tall Father
...Christ stands along with you.
Know that nothing can happen
If God does not will it to.
We kneel in support dear Father
We wait upon God's will
Stand strong dearest Father Corapi
Be at peace and let your heart be still

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

I sit and watch the sunrise
Journey through the trees.
The songs are serenading
The gentle morning breeze.
A lovely day is dawning
Bright, joyous, and quite true.
God has blessed us richly
With colors of every hue.
May today find you blessed
May it shower you His grace.
God bless and keep you all
In His loving pure embrace.

Thursday, February 24, 2011


The storms of life assail me
I do not fear the wind.
I don't fret the lightening.
I have learned at last to bend.
My Father has provided
A haven safe and true.
My Savior reassures me
He seeks to comfort you.
Let the storms blow their hardest.
Let lightening do its best.
I will not fear the rain storm.
I can withstand that test.
Rain simply leads to flowers,
Spring will soon have his way.
Soon these storms will depart us.
To show a brighter day.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Prayer For A Friend

Dear Little Flower
I entreat your prayer
A dear precious friend
Really needs your care.
Take her to God
Beg on your knees
I too will lift her up
And beg the Father please.
Hoping He hears us
And lightens her load
For a dear friend I am willing
To be a beggar most bold.
Pluck her a flower
And send it her way.
To brighten her spirits
And know that you will pray.
I too am praying
For God's loving hand
To reach down and comfort
As only He can.

Two Babies

Two babies sleep tonight
In the dark of their mother's womb.
One will see the light of day
One only the tomb.
Two babies sleep in silence
Awaiting their first birthday.
Both gifts from a loving God
To grace many lives along the way.
Two mothers struggle with the news
Of a child they did not plan.
Two grapple with their private fears
Not knowing if they can.
One mother will say "Yes"
With a trembling frightened voice.
One sadly will see no way
And make that frightful "choice."
For these precious babes I kneel and pray
And for their mothers too.
Lord touch their hearts gently
I lift them up to You.

Monday, February 21, 2011

For Tara

To remember is to relive
A very precious time
When life was very good to us
And you were part of mine.
You were a special angel
Who taught me how to care
A precious Valentine child
Come to visit here.
I remember your laughter
I remember your little smiles
I can't believe the years have flown
Away like speeding miles.
Twenty seven years ago
Today we said goodbye,
And not a day have we forgotten
The joy that made us cry.
You wait for us in Heaven
Born on such a special day.
Born again into eternity
Twenty seven years ago today.
So happy birthday angel
Tara dear my friend
Wait for me in Heaven
And keep praying till the end.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The Path

If on the path your journey takes
You find a way to God.
Travel on my dearest friend
And never mind the sod.
Life is an amazing journey
To the Destination be true.
I am glad to have stopped
And shared a rest with you.
The Journey is most important.
Let nothing hinder your way.
I am sure we will arrive
When comes the final day.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011


When all seems dark
Hope whispers "Wait
Spring always follows Winter."
Do not give in
Do not give up
The burden for a splinter.
Green grass is waiting
Sleeping quietly
Just below the snow.
And joy will come again
To you and I
If we wait I surely know.
So cling to hope
And wait on God
He has never failed us dear.
Kneel and pray
And know He waits
To banish all that's drear.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

A Flare

It is a flare and nothing more.
A little gift of this new year.
A flame to remind me God is love,
To teach me to lean on Him.
It is a flare and nothing more,
A minor annoyance on this journey,
A stone in my shoe,
It is a flare and nothing more.
God give me strength
To walk along
Bearing all He sends my way.
And give me patience to meet each task
That I must accomplish each day.
It is a flare and nothing more,
Perhaps a reminder to kneel
To trust in Him,
I thank You Father
For this gift,
This reminder
This flare
But more importantly
This year of life.