Thursday, February 24, 2011


The storms of life assail me
I do not fear the wind.
I don't fret the lightening.
I have learned at last to bend.
My Father has provided
A haven safe and true.
My Savior reassures me
He seeks to comfort you.
Let the storms blow their hardest.
Let lightening do its best.
I will not fear the rain storm.
I can withstand that test.
Rain simply leads to flowers,
Spring will soon have his way.
Soon these storms will depart us.
To show a brighter day.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Prayer For A Friend

Dear Little Flower
I entreat your prayer
A dear precious friend
Really needs your care.
Take her to God
Beg on your knees
I too will lift her up
And beg the Father please.
Hoping He hears us
And lightens her load
For a dear friend I am willing
To be a beggar most bold.
Pluck her a flower
And send it her way.
To brighten her spirits
And know that you will pray.
I too am praying
For God's loving hand
To reach down and comfort
As only He can.

Two Babies

Two babies sleep tonight
In the dark of their mother's womb.
One will see the light of day
One only the tomb.
Two babies sleep in silence
Awaiting their first birthday.
Both gifts from a loving God
To grace many lives along the way.
Two mothers struggle with the news
Of a child they did not plan.
Two grapple with their private fears
Not knowing if they can.
One mother will say "Yes"
With a trembling frightened voice.
One sadly will see no way
And make that frightful "choice."
For these precious babes I kneel and pray
And for their mothers too.
Lord touch their hearts gently
I lift them up to You.

Monday, February 21, 2011

For Tara

To remember is to relive
A very precious time
When life was very good to us
And you were part of mine.
You were a special angel
Who taught me how to care
A precious Valentine child
Come to visit here.
I remember your laughter
I remember your little smiles
I can't believe the years have flown
Away like speeding miles.
Twenty seven years ago
Today we said goodbye,
And not a day have we forgotten
The joy that made us cry.
You wait for us in Heaven
Born on such a special day.
Born again into eternity
Twenty seven years ago today.
So happy birthday angel
Tara dear my friend
Wait for me in Heaven
And keep praying till the end.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The Path

If on the path your journey takes
You find a way to God.
Travel on my dearest friend
And never mind the sod.
Life is an amazing journey
To the Destination be true.
I am glad to have stopped
And shared a rest with you.
The Journey is most important.
Let nothing hinder your way.
I am sure we will arrive
When comes the final day.