Saturday, February 27, 2010

Time moves swiftly
Like a river
Flowing away from us
What comes comes.
I wait calmly
Knowing only
That what HE wills
Will be.
God give me strength.
God give me patience.
Help me accept
What flows my way.
Like a feather in the wind
Must my soul be.
Flown where ever HE chooses
Making no complaint.
Resisting nothing.
God hold me,
Teach me,
To hold to nothing except you.

One timid little Jonquil
Roused his head today.
Peaking out sleepily
Wanting the sun to play.

It cheered my frozen spirits.
Reminded me Spring would appear

That soon such floral beauty

Would replace this winter drear.

Such an amazing little message

Such a precious sight to see.

God sent this little flower

To show His love for me.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Still your tongue,
Close your external ears,
And listen only with your soul.
Can you hear it?
Do you feel the pulse?
Lent has come,
And we are beckoned forward.
Forward we must go,
Into His waiting arms.
He calls us to fast,
To repent, to pray,
But mostly He calls us
To love, to serve,to be His arms
To all who need Him.
We are His voice,
We are His hands,
We must be His people
Listen, Love, Live,
Choose life this Lent.

Forever In My Heart

I have never forgotten,
The beauty of your smile,
Nor your heart.
You live forever in my memory,
Just as assuredly you live with
Our blessed Lord.
What have these 26 years been to you?
Time flies but I remember
Forever to me you are that child,
Ten years old,
Loving and caring,
Courageous and true.
An angel in human form
No longer sick,
No longer suffering,
Praying for us all.
Forever you have touched me.
Forever you remain etched in my mind,
And forever in my heart.
Tara Loraine Stout,
A child and yet so much more.
I thank you for the gift of you,
I thank God for you in my life.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Sweet simplicity
Speak to me,
Gently flood my soul,
Guide my steps,
So I may soar,
Beyond this selfish plane,
To so much more.
God has chosen simple things,
To touch our very core,
Help me to detach myself,
To see that distant shore.
The sunset is a brighter gold,
Than that sought after ore,
Dew drops sparkle more than diamonds,
And these I treasure more.
God is amazing,
His heart knows no measure,
Let me seek His will,
And unearthly treasure.