Thursday, November 12, 2009

Today's Blessings

Today has been a blessing
In so many little ways
The sun that shines down warmly
Has touched me with God's rays.
Adoration as always
Has fed my hungry soul.
God is an amazing Lord
He alone has made me whole.
I thank You God for blessings
As yet unknown to me.
I thank you for watering
This foolish little tree.
God has blessed me richly
In ways I cannot explain
He has blessed me with great joy
And even with needed pain.
God is an amazing giver
No richer blessing need I seek.
God thank you for such wonders
I cannot find words to speak.
The sun is shining brightly,
The birds sing joyfully of Your care.
I thank You for this amazing day,
That You have chosen to share.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

There is a crispness to the wind,
That echoes in my soul
Bright leaves rain down upon my head
Bidding me,"Let go."
Let go of insecurity
Let go of foolish fear
Hold on to hope and wonder
And know that God is near.
As bright leaves cascade upon me,
I am reminded this life is not all.
That all this dazzling display of life
Is as fleeting as the fall.
Cool winds whip my hair around
Whispering of coming frost
I must remember to hold to my anchor
So that I too will not be lost.
My life is not my own
It has been bought with a price.
Lord keep my soul warm and safe
Let it not be filled with ice.
This season I find alluring
The fall winds carress my face.
And all the leaves raining in bright colors
Remind me of God's sweet Grace.

Monday, October 12, 2009

The Squeaky Chapel Chair

Every Thursday I go to Adoration,

And there I sit in a squeaky chair,
I once thought to move it,
But have received so much grace there.
That chair has taught me patience,
And how to still my soul,
How to be still and quiet,
And to simply pray and know.
I have learned not to outwardly fidget,
Not to inwardly as well.
It has been an amazing teacher,
And I have much to learn from it still.
As the body goes so goes the mind,
Once must learn to silence and hear.
It is only when we struggle,
That the goal becomes reachable and near.
God thank you for that squeaky chair,
It is teaching my restless heart,
To be still and silent within and without,
At least it is a start.

Thursday, September 3, 2009



In this moment
Peace enters my soul
Flooding it with warmth
And comfort beyond words
I simply cannot speak
Tears stream down my face
There is nothing between us
We stand alone You and I
Kneeling in time and eternity
Nothing touches this moment
I can say nothing
Yet You hear all I do not say.
Would that I could remain
Forever at Your altar
But yet I must go forward from here
Carrying You in my body
And in my heart
To those who do not know
To those who are unaware
Of the void in their hearts
That only You can fill.
But I go forward only because I know
That You will be here waiting for me
To embrace me once again
And fill me when I am empty.
My Lord and my God.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

My Wish for You

Listen, close your eyes
Feel the Father's love.
What can be more beautiful
Than His blessings from above?
His embrace is in the sunshine
Raining down on your face
Feel His loving touch
With all His loving Grace.
The wind is blowing kisses
Sent to warm your heart.
Send your love to Him
Let the romance start.
Birds are singing love songs
Hear it echo through the trees.
There is no greater joy
Than simple things as these.
Close your eyes embrace
The peace within your soul
Quiet all your fears
Be still and simply know.
Each morning dawning is a symphony,
Each sunset a work of art
Created just for you
Close your eyes let the healing start.
I pray you find your Center
In He who is our all
I pray you feel the joy.
He sends to you this fall.
God bless and keep you
And bring your spirit peace.
Close your eyes you are home.
Let your wandering cease.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Can you see the rainbow,
Or is it just a tease?
Can you see the forest,
Or do you see the trees?
Do you focus on the bad,
When so much joys around?
Do you worry over an ounce
And stumble on a pound?
Life is far to precious
To ignore the love that is.
So much here to enjoy
From the grace that is His.
Let us look towards the heavens
And not fret over any care
Live this life full knowing
That He is really there.

Monday, March 16, 2009

God Lead Me

God lead me where You want me.
Show me the way to go.
Lead me on this journey
To offer You my soul.
I am weak and weary
You alone know the way.
Guide me, guard me, show me.
By Your side help me to stay.
The road is long and narrow
The dangers swift and sure
But I know that if I hold Your hand,
All will be safe and pure

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Lessons From a Weed

I tried to rid my yard
Of weeds and other things.
Complaining of the work
And all the mess Spring brings.
I pulled up every dandelion
The next day there were more.
I could not understand
What were these things for
And then I stopped and looked
And realized the lesson at hand.
How could I be so blind.
How could I not understand?
We must take a lesson
From these silly little weeds.
And trust God to plant us
And take care of all our needs.
They have an inner strength.
And shrink not from a fight .
And gladly share their beauty.
With all their simple might.
I no longer feel the desire
To toss them all away.
I enjoy their sunny faces
And thank God for them in my day.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Starting On A Journey

Starting on a journey

Of heart, mind, soul, and life.

Beginning this Lenten Season

To leave behind foolish strife.

Struggling to follow

A saint who showed the way

Help me to walk dear St. Francis

With you in simplicity each day.