Sunday, July 10, 2011

I brought you home so long ago,
Wrapped in a blanket so blue.
Couldn't stop staring at that precious face,
And wondering what to do.
I blinked and you were cutting teeth,
And then you were on your way.
Could it really have been so many years?
It only seems a simple little day.
You learned to talk and run along.
I watched you grow amazed.
Now you stand so nearly grown and tall.
I am literally stunned and dazed.
You are growing into quite a man.
Someone I am proud to know.
But son you are always my child.
My arms ache for those days so.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Old Barn

An old barn sits silent
Deep in the wood.
Quietly watching time pass
As it should.
It knows a secret
...Few seem to know.
Time flies by
Even as days pass slow.
Silence is beauty
Age has its grace.
Life is still lived
At a much calmer pace.
Sit a while with me
Watch if you will
Learn from that barn
It can teach us still.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011


No matter what we think we see
Beauty remains with you and me.
The world is heavy yes it's true
But He will give strength to me and you.
Look around and take a chance
Hear the music and join the dance.
There is still beauty here on earth
God has not created us without mirth.
See the beauty in earth and skies
Listen to a newborn's cries.
Beauty remains forever real.
Beauty helps the soul to heal.
Look around and you will see
God has made much for you and me.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

For Caylee Anthony

Sweet little angel
Loaned for a while
Sweet little baby.
Left us with a smile
Precious and innocent
Stolen from life.
God bless and keep you
This hurts like a knife.
Pray for your mother
I just can't believe.
She did this to you,
And never did grieve.
Pray for us all.
We so need your prayer.
Sweet angel baby,
Waiting up there.

Precious Blood of Jesus

Precious Blood of Jesus.
Come down to feed my soul,
Sacred Blood of Christ,
You alone can make me whole.
Wondrous Blood still flowing,
From that sweet pierced sacred side,
Granting life to many
Who otherwise would have died.
Make my prayers earnest.
Make my spirit true.
So that one sweet day,
I may in person thank You.
Let me walk in earnest.
Let my life be sweet and true.
Let all I do be pleasing,
As I do it all for You.