Tuesday, January 11, 2011


When all seems dark
Hope whispers "Wait
Spring always follows Winter."
Do not give in
Do not give up
The burden for a splinter.
Green grass is waiting
Sleeping quietly
Just below the snow.
And joy will come again
To you and I
If we wait I surely know.
So cling to hope
And wait on God
He has never failed us dear.
Kneel and pray
And know He waits
To banish all that's drear.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

A Flare

It is a flare and nothing more.
A little gift of this new year.
A flame to remind me God is love,
To teach me to lean on Him.
It is a flare and nothing more,
A minor annoyance on this journey,
A stone in my shoe,
It is a flare and nothing more.
God give me strength
To walk along
Bearing all He sends my way.
And give me patience to meet each task
That I must accomplish each day.
It is a flare and nothing more,
Perhaps a reminder to kneel
To trust in Him,
I thank You Father
For this gift,
This reminder
This flare
But more importantly
This year of life.