Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Jesus Hears

Christ has seen you suffering.
Heard your anguished cries. Feels your every pain. Has been your companion in disguise. Never doubt He knows. Never are you alone. He is with you always. Until you journey home. Never fear your trials. Never despair in life. God is waiting for you. He walks with us in strife. He has seen you suffering. Hope and know help does await. Rest in the simple knowledge. We are living at Heaven's Gate.

Altar of Me

A mother's love is precious
Nothing of earth can compare.
To that precious unselfish love
Like a tender sweet gentle prayer.
A mother puts her child
Before her own desires and needs.
That child is her world.
As she tends, shelters, and feeds.
But sadly today many choose wrongly.
They call murder a choice.
They toss motherhood away like garbage
They refuse to hear their babes voice.
So sad the choice they make
They are stealing from their heart.
God forgive their foolish souls
They have torn their world apart.
God touch them please I beg You.
Open their eyes to see,
They are sacrificing babies,
On the altar of "Me."

Monday, September 26, 2011

Child Not Choice

You were a child
Not a choice,
Too small to count
Too soft a voice.
She would not listen
Did not know
The loss she chose
When she said no.
Forgive her please
Forgive us all.
Poor little child
So very small.
This is a child
Not a choice to make.
Lord forgive us all
For each life we take.


Autumn comes to visit
Soft as a whisper on the wind.
Quiet as a church mouse
Sits gently as a friend.
She brushes our foreheads gently
Like a mother does her child
Sweet scents accompany her
She comes so meek and mild.
Do not doubt her strength
Make no mistakes at all.
No one is as changeable
As she we call the fall.
But the beauty of the leaves
Pumpkins ripening in the field
Fill our souls with wonder
Like the scarecrows that we build.
Autumn is a changeling.
Don't think you have seen her all.
No season is so fickle
As the season we call fall.
One day she is gentle
Sweet breezes fill the air,
The next a thunderstorm
Catches us unaware.
Today you may be sweating
Tomorrow may see ice.
Autumn is so silly
She doesn't play quite nice.
But still we welcome autumn
Like an old friend that we know.
So welcome leaves of amber
And winds that hint of snow.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Mary Mother of Jesus

Mary, mother of Jesus,
Pray for each family here.
Bless and beg of our Lord,
For his love and care.
Mary you traveled this road
Baked bread for your family too.
Washed their clothes and dishes,
And loved your family true.
Bless each tired mother,
Teach them how to be,
Just as loving and serving,
As they serve their family.
Mary help us each,
To keep our families fed.
Bless us as we work,
And bake our daily bread.
Please hear our little prayer
Take them swiftly to your Son.
Mary mother of Jesus,
Make our hearts as one.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Mother dear
Oh hear our plea
Bless my family,
Friends, and me.
Beg our Lord,
To forgive our sin.
Please with God in Heaven,
To let us in.
Touch our hearts.
Mold our soul.
Bless us Mother
Of He who makes us whole.
I beg you watch over my friends
And all I love.
Watch them, bless them
From up above.


I offer my Rosary daily,
For all who need a prayer.
Touch each one dearest Mother,
And let them feel your care.
I thank you for each blessing,
Your Son has given me.
I ask you to hold in prayer,
Each friend here that you see.
Touch each soul with compassion,
Fill each soul with peace.
Grant each hurting heart,
Blessed sweet release.
Here each prayer we offer,
Dearest Mother we beg of thee.
Take each of our needs to Heaven,
So your Son will truly see.
We know He can't refuse you.
So please join in our prayer.
We thank you blessed Mother,
For your loving care.

Monday, September 5, 2011


Such an amazing thing is prayer.
What power to behold.
Seeming little empty words
He turns to purest gold.
They greatest thing we can off
To with another share
Is a heartfelt promise
To stop and kneel in prayer.
How amazing that God listens
To each of us when we pray.
How wonderful it is free for us
To offer every day.
I will say a prayer for you
Please pass this gift along.
God is an amazing Father,
And prayer is our sweetest song.