Saturday, August 29, 2009

My Wish for You

Listen, close your eyes
Feel the Father's love.
What can be more beautiful
Than His blessings from above?
His embrace is in the sunshine
Raining down on your face
Feel His loving touch
With all His loving Grace.
The wind is blowing kisses
Sent to warm your heart.
Send your love to Him
Let the romance start.
Birds are singing love songs
Hear it echo through the trees.
There is no greater joy
Than simple things as these.
Close your eyes embrace
The peace within your soul
Quiet all your fears
Be still and simply know.
Each morning dawning is a symphony,
Each sunset a work of art
Created just for you
Close your eyes let the healing start.
I pray you find your Center
In He who is our all
I pray you feel the joy.
He sends to you this fall.
God bless and keep you
And bring your spirit peace.
Close your eyes you are home.
Let your wandering cease.

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