Wednesday, October 28, 2009

There is a crispness to the wind,
That echoes in my soul
Bright leaves rain down upon my head
Bidding me,"Let go."
Let go of insecurity
Let go of foolish fear
Hold on to hope and wonder
And know that God is near.
As bright leaves cascade upon me,
I am reminded this life is not all.
That all this dazzling display of life
Is as fleeting as the fall.
Cool winds whip my hair around
Whispering of coming frost
I must remember to hold to my anchor
So that I too will not be lost.
My life is not my own
It has been bought with a price.
Lord keep my soul warm and safe
Let it not be filled with ice.
This season I find alluring
The fall winds carress my face.
And all the leaves raining in bright colors
Remind me of God's sweet Grace.

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