Monday, September 26, 2011


Autumn comes to visit
Soft as a whisper on the wind.
Quiet as a church mouse
Sits gently as a friend.
She brushes our foreheads gently
Like a mother does her child
Sweet scents accompany her
She comes so meek and mild.
Do not doubt her strength
Make no mistakes at all.
No one is as changeable
As she we call the fall.
But the beauty of the leaves
Pumpkins ripening in the field
Fill our souls with wonder
Like the scarecrows that we build.
Autumn is a changeling.
Don't think you have seen her all.
No season is so fickle
As the season we call fall.
One day she is gentle
Sweet breezes fill the air,
The next a thunderstorm
Catches us unaware.
Today you may be sweating
Tomorrow may see ice.
Autumn is so silly
She doesn't play quite nice.
But still we welcome autumn
Like an old friend that we know.
So welcome leaves of amber
And winds that hint of snow.

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